Paul  is a veteran of the Midwest music scene and was inducted into the Iowa Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame in 1999. He has played in rock bands, horn bands, soul bands and jazz fusion groups in Iowa, Minnesota, California and Winnipeg, Canada. His primary performance instrument is a G&L 2500 bass guitar. Amplification is an Euphonic Audio Doubler with a 112 cab and EBS pedals.
Bill has been involved in the drumming side of rock since he was a small kid. His experience with 80's music goes back to the 80's - when it was all hit new music. Bill has played in several rock bands in Minnesota and California covering all forms of 80's music from pop to glam & hair. He also has experience with backup and lead vocals. Bill is currently fronting 80's RPM and uses an Audix OM5 mic, plays Hohner and Lee Oskar blues harp, and when he's drumming, plays a Pearl kit with Sabian Symbols.
Andy learned how to play keyboard from his father, a gifted pianist and music teacher. Growing up in the 70's and 80's, he loved figuring out how to play all the radio pop hits on the keyboard. He has studied cello and been a member of numerous symphony and chamber orchestras in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Andy has played keyboards in a variety of tribute bands in the twin cities, including A Girl's Journey and Wish: A Tribute To The Cure. He plays Roland keyboards, but wouldn't mind having a 9-foot Steinway Concert Grand in his arsenal!
Tom has played drums for several years in rock bands, blues bands, horn bands, and R&B and souls in Colorado, Utah, and Minnesota. He plays DW Performance Series drums, Zildjian cymbols, Vic Firth sticks and uses Audix and Shure drum mics.
Marc starved briefly in LA pursuing the mythical "70's Recording Deal". He has also toured the midwest as part of the band Northern Lights with their hit single "Minnesota". Marc was a finalist in the Twin Cities Lead Guitarist competition in 2001, and has been a session player on numerous recordings, including The Liars, The Dean Weisser Band, Lovers Under Pressure, The Beginners, Anton Trois, Sublime Curve, Cain, Jiggs Lee and MJ Kroll (just to name a few!). You can find Marc's work on the soundtrack to the award winning musical "Philly". He has also been out on the road touring with Cane from 2005-2017, as well as with A Hard Days Night tribute band as George Harrison.